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Hello. I created this channel to share with you my independent films. I shoot different genres, styles and are constantly looking for something new. for many years of work in porn I am bored with ordinary sex and plots, there is no intrigue and conflict in them. if I'm honest already I can’t jerk off to porn, it’s full of fake and predictable to the limit. I prefer hentai, it inspires me to create my works. I like that the Japanese do not limit the flight of their imagination, unlike Europeans who are trying to arrange a witch hunt everywhere. I sincerely believe and deeply convinced that no one and nothing has the right to dictate to us and indicate how we fantasize !!! the state, moralists, religious fanatics go fuck with their decrees what is good and what is bad! any healthy person understands the difference between: 1 desire - I want. 2 dream - I wish it were. 3 and fantasy - what if this happened ...? fantasy is just a reflection that does not lead to consequences. while realizing other people's fantasies, even if they are undesirable to society, I do not urge people to commit a crime, on the contrary, I relieve him of sexual tension and make him more peaceful.